Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here you have 2 brand new videos!!

First one, the teaser of a dressed up party "Your mother never let you go out like that" in Rodez, my home town.
Footage is from the Teva Extrem Outdoor Games 2010 in Italy.

Teaser party 10 Mars 2011 from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

Next one, I joined my bro Gautier during one of his DH MTB session in the Palages forest, near our home town Rodez.
If you follow me on that blog, there was previously a post with some photos about that session: here

Gautier Grollemund - Winter session from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

You wanna watch some more???
Ok, check out my Vimeo: here


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Interview in La Dépèche newspaper!!

Hop, a little interview in the local newspaper La Dépèche on Feb. 20 Saturday!!
Cool to have kayaking in the local press!!

Aveyron Department Cuncil price giving ceremony

Feb. 6th Saturday, I was invited to the the Aveyron Department Cuncil price giving ceremony to the local athletes.

The opportunity to bring together in a sweet atmosphere the cream of the local athletes and the local councillors, with the presence of the local press.

Every athlete recieved a nice tracksuit and a sweet cheque!! ;-)

About kayaking, was presented Gaél Kernin (Millau CK club), Hugo Cailhol and myself (Rodez CK club).

Many thanks to the Rodez CK club which follow me, support and help me since my beginnings!!
I can't forget to thank Marc Cailhol, the president of the Rodez CK club, who make an awesome work everyday!!

Many thanks also to the Aveyron Department Cuncil which support me since few years and put kayaking under the spotlights regulary!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February starts well!!

Looks like February starts pretty well!!

I spend all my free time between work, trainings under this awesome sun, and good moments with buddies!!
Not that much of kayaking but there's no rain and so no water in the rivers, so I ride my XCountry MTBike and go jogging every day!!

I also was invited to the local athletes price giving ceremony of the Aveyron Department Cuncil. No worry, I'll write you a post about that pretty soon!!

MTBiking in the heart of the famous wineyards of Marcillac (15minutes from home).

The castle of La Roque in my backyard under a massive smile.
Photo taken during a MTB ride.

Last Thusday took place a sick party in La Chuppa pub, in Rodez downtown, organized by some of my buddies, well we had to go there!!!

Gautier and Arnaud

Family shot, from LtoR:
Gautier, Thibault, Val, Arnaud, Léo and Yohan.


Juju and Matt behind the bar, all good!!

Marion, Claire and myself!!

To wait for the rain and go to paddle our favourite rivers in France and well over, train hard and enjoy life!!