Friday, February 26, 2010

Broken collarbone...

That's a really bad news which comes at the worst moment, I broke my collarbone in 3 pieces yesterday afternoon on a mountain biking session.
Enjoy photos of my brother Gautier...

That's it, a pretty huge fall!!!!!!
Just after fell down, I realized quickly there's something wrong.
I checked my shoulder, fine.
My arm, fine
My collabone... oh yeah, here something is fucking wrong!!

A little moment after that, I lost vue twice for few seconds, I saw white.
Well buddies called rescue guys who came 10 minutes later.

At the hospital, I waited for 2h30 before the doc' comes...
A quick radio, a nurse cleaned up my full flayed back, and hop I'm out with a real nasty painfull!!!!!!

Yeah I make it funny but it's painfull anyway...

So, I've minimum 45 days off and we'll see how it's going on.
I'll a specialist doctor in the next days and we'll see if I need a surgery or not...

I'll keep you updated for sure...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Easter Corsica Kayak Session

It's time to plan your first creeking trip on 2010!!!!!!
Join the 2nd "Easter Corsica Kayak Session"!!!!

Team Kayak Session and the famous photographer and kayak legend Raph Thiebaut invited all of you in Corsica on April 4th to 10th!!!!

All infos you need:

See you there and don't forget your elbow protections!!!!

FLUID kayaks new website!!!

Corsica, photo by David Arnaud

Check out the new FLUID kayaks website!!!!!

There's also the team blog

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New partnership - NIL

It's now official, I'm in the team NIL!!!!

Since March 2008, I paddle with NIL helmets (ex Riverstar).
Stefan and I kept in good contact since that first buying, and on summer 2009 he proposed me to paddle for NIL.
What's better than paddle with great quality helmets and paddles, with pretty nice designs, made by passionate and trusting austrian kayakers??!!!

I use the Rhino fullcut and Rhino halfcut, really great helmets!!!
We are working on the new paddles.
On my travel in Chile, end of 2009, Nil gave me a staight shaft prototype paddle, pretty good!!!
NIL offer me the possibility to make a new helmet, I'll reciev material at the end of the month to make the shape.
The helmet would be a adaptation/evolution of the Rhino fullcut

We'll keep you updated for sure, no worry!!!!

Many thanks to Stefan and Jörg!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Surf Trip: Ocean

A little while that was in my mind...
At the Sickline 2009, Steve Fisher presented us his new video where he surfed some huge waves in South Africa with his brother David and Andrew Pollock.
After watch that video, Pierre Mahé (pro photographer) and I were so motivated to make something like that!!!!
At the time, I had to try my new composite Element by FLUID kayaks... an other good excuse!!!

Little problem, I don't know nothing about ocean surfing...
No matter, meeting on this Monday 8th of February at 8h30 a.m. with Jean Seb Etienne, who is a french pro surfer and knows the french Atlantic coast as his pocket!!!

We check 2 spots, the second one looks pretty good!!
Pierre Mahé, our photographer of the day arrives with Nico Fayol, this last one brings all his kayak gears with him!!!!

Spot of La Pointe, Capbreton, France:

9 am 5°c... everybody in the water!!

Jean-Seb at home

First test on the Ocean...

...Ok, that's big!!!

Jean-Seb shows us what he calls surfing

It works for Val also

Jean-Seb... Eaaaasy!!

End of the session, on the way to the bitch with shore break

Nico Fayol...

... Yep, he was also in the water!!

Spot of Anglet:

Nico Fayol checks out the waves

An other huge shore break for Val

Eric Deguil joined us the afternoon.

Eric in the shore "break"

Many thanks to Jean-Seb Etienne, Nico Fayol, Eric Deguil and of course to Pierre Mahé!!!!