Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canyoning at the Sources of the Tarn river.

Canyoning the Sources of the Tarn river from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

The 1st weekend of September was announced rainy and sadly sunny, buddies and I also want to move a bit from our hometown Rodez, so we headed to Sainte Enimie at the heart of the Gorges of the Tarn for a day and the next day we headed to the Sources of the Tarn river to go cannyoning this river section!!

Fighting dress under the rain, ready to go canyonning not that far from the Mont Lozère with Arnaud, Yohan and Thibault.

Natural pool on the Sources of the Tarn river.

The classic jump in the Gouffre des Meules on the upper Tarn.


A pretty nice little weekend with friends, reaaaaaaaally good!!!
Hope to make it again soon!!!

KanuMesse SUPexpo 2011

On Sept 18th to 21th I was in Nurnberg, Germany, for the KanuMesse, the international paddle sports tradeshow, the place to be to see all the new products, sell and buy stuffs for the coming season!!!

I was there to give a hand to TyWarp who sponsor me with their sick paddles, and also for FLUID Kayak who also sponsor me.

Holger the TyWarp boss, present you one of my photos of Stéphanie.
How sweet it is??!!

Alex Thomas Keller, TyWarp paddlers and dealer, talking about the brand new paddles with Jeroen Mr Playak.

Myself with the brand new "Bite", the new TyWarp paddle 100% made in Basalt fibers which wan the 2011 KanuMag (Germany) Innovation Award!!

In a other style, I've been part of a photoshooting for Sevylor with Paul Villecourt, and here is the result, my face on massive posters on their booth and also on the packagings.

It's weird to be printed on boxes like that!!!

I also have to talk about the famous "Looping Louie Contest" organized every year at the KanuMesse by our friend and TyWarp boss, Holger Shroeder!!!

Looping Louie Contest!!!

And of course after presented, sell and buy stuffs, nothing better than a good party mixed with great class by Mr McFly himself David Arnaud!!!

Right after the KanuMesse I drove back to France, 12h the ass in the car, alone... Was long...

Many thanks to the TyWarp team and to the RokXat team!!!!
Seeya probably next year!!

Otztal: Austrian whitewater paradize

Right after the Red Bull Dolomiten Mann I went to paddle with Arnd Schaeftlein not that far from Lienz, Austria, before heading to Otztal valley for a sick kayaking week and then drive north to the Nurnberg Germany for the KanuMesse.

The program of the week in the Otztal valley was really simple, paddle for fun and let the camera in the car!!
Let me say you that was a freaking sick kayaking week, pure descents, perfect water levels to enjoy lot of section of the Oetz river, and for glory a pretty strong Wellerbrucke rapid!!!

Grilled meat and german beers, what else do you wanna ask for??

Max Siech's burger... faaaat!!

Somewhere on the way to Otztal.

Packing the Teva van to go kayaking in Vent upstream Otztal valley!!

Stop at the pub after a kayaking day with buddies!!!

Maxi Siech!!

Maxi Siech walking to a badass Wellerbrucke rapid!!

Happy to be on the water, the only and single time I took my camera that week!!!

Myself in Wellerbrucke, photo Max Siech.

Me in Wellerbrucke.

Seth in Wellerbrucke.

Me, Wellerbrucke.

Max heading to Champion's killer the last drop of Wellerbrucke rapid.

Max Siech in Champion's killer, Wellerbrucke.

Me in Champion's killer, Wellerbrucke.

Many thanks to Arnd Schaeftlein, Ted, Max, Jo, Seth, and all my other kayaking mates!!
Seeya soon!!

Red Bull Dolomiten Mann 2011

On Sept 8th to 10th, I joined buddies from team Optisport in Lienz, Austria, to compet at the Red Bull Dolomiten Mann 2011!!
An event unique in its kind cause it brings together 4 outdoort sports Trail running, paragliding, kayaking and XC MTBiking.

Team Optisport with Level6 gears!!

There I was on race with
Emeric Turquat for the MTBike (on the left), Victor Sebe for the paraglide (middle left), Mathieu Bonnant for the Trail Running (middle right) and myself for the kayak (on the right).

Team Optisport with fighting gears!!

#12 for team Optisport!!

Victor packing his paraglide in the hotel the day before the race.

My kayak, a good old Invader, not the best choise for a 1st participation, but it's good to know what boat should be used for the next edition.

Myself in the start ramp at the trainings, thanks Michel for the photo!!

Event report by Team Optisport:

Start at 10am for the Trail Running, 12km with 2000m G+, Kenyans goes ahead really fast with a 21km/h on the 1st kms. Mathieu took a safe start and keep power for the steep section. Unfornuately he's not in hos best shape, the end of the 2nd wall will be hard. He ended harly the race with a time of

Victor took the relay and went fast and goes ahead few ones before the take off area.
His glide's choise wasn't obviously the best and goes a little bit slower than the others.
He managed an awesome 1st landing and overtook some spots on the running section again.
In the last part Victor did a freaking landing to give the relay to myself.
His time
40min 39 sec

Running start for myself across the river before a 7m jump into the river. Went in rapids and gates easyly and managed the upstream section as fast as I can. Some spots wan on the water, I ended with an incredible portage section and a sick whitewater slalom where I wan some other spots.
My time:
37 min 30 sec

After a long section on the road, Emeric went a 1600m G+ section on single tracks and forest trail. Riding hard, he overtook at least 10 spots. The downhill section is not that technic but there're some scaring blind jumps straight down.
He overtook again some spots in the end of the downhill to ended on a super fast section to the finish line.
His time: 1h 40

My report for this event, I'm half satisfed by my kayaking performance, the fact to compet in the pack with tons of kayaker on the river at the time with me and wait at their asses in the upstream sections is really frustrating!! I lost a while there...
This 1st participation shows me also what gears I've to paddle with, if I go there again I wanna compet with the best boat for!!!

A super team atmosphere and a desire to do the things well put us at the 23rd rank in the Pro ranking. Not that bad for a 1st participation.

Many thanks to my team mate, was a real pleasure!!!
Also thanks to Level6 who gave us some clothes and sponsor team Optisport for this event!!
Seeya next year!!

Private party in Rodez

Soirée Privée Rodez - 2 Sept. 2011 from Val Grollemund on Vimeo.

On Sept. 2nd Friday 2011, Mickael Palous, Paul Salomon and myself organized a private party in Rodez our hometown in the the pub La Chuppa.

The principle of this party was really simple, we invited via facebook few friends, those friends could at their time invite their friends, their friends could invite their friends, etc.
The goal was to meet friends of friends and extend your friends circle.
The only rule was the proper dress code, VIP require!!
We put all together to offer to our guests the best and let them have an awesome party!!

La Chuppa pub, downtown Rodez.

la Chuppa, before all came in.

We were approx 70 persons (50/50 girls/boys) all hot and keen on partying, talk, meet, enjoy and all that in a sweet atmosphere!!

Mickael Palous, Paul Salomon and me, the 3 organizors of this 1st private party in Rodez.

Teva was a main partner of this private party!!! Many thanks to them!!!

Lucky Lemaire, boss of La Chuppa, without him this party couldn't be possible!!

Lucky and Elodie Lemaire, La Chuppa boss, thanks for all!!

It was such a great party, everyone went out with a massive smile!!
Thanks all VIPs to trust in us!!!
Many thanks to Mickael Palous and Paul Salomon, my co-organizors!!
Thanks to Elodie, Marjorie, Arnaud, Marion and Niko to give a hand!!!
Thanks also to Teva, main partner of this private party!!
Many thanks to La Chuppa staff, Elodie, Jojo and Lucky without them this party couldn't take place and cannot be organized!!

We're already working on some more parties, stay connected...