Friday, September 25, 2009

Adidas Sickline 2009 - trainings

I'm already in Austria in the valley of Ötztal where take place the Adidas Sickline World Championship of Extrem Kayak the next week.

I enjoy this week to paddle around the different rivers of the valley before more concentrate myself on the Worlds... It will be awesome for sure!!!

The paddlers are cominf here progressively... the rest of the french crew is coming on Sunday.

Some photos of the week:

Simon Hirter at the end of the stressing and hard gorges of the Heiligkreuz section (upper Ötz).

Val on the Middle Ötz

Alex Thomas Keller on the Middle Ötz

Val in one of the holes of the Middle Ötz

Susanne Spoelmink and Alex Thomas Keller just after the Wellerbruke

Val training in the Wellerbruke

Val in the Wellerbruke

The last drop of the Wellerbruke

I keep you updated about the sequence of the Worlds...
For the moment... Trainings!!

Bilder Freestyle Munich

I was the last week in Munich where I compet at the first edition of the Bilder Freestyle Munich.
A pretty nice contest with a nice atmosphere and
The race was on a sessions system: 5 paddlers had 10 minutes in the hole to do their runs one after one...It was nice and you can paddle 4 or 5 runs per sessions.
Pretty nice!!

Seppi Strohmeier, winner in K1 men

Val in the hole

Oli Grau

Anne Hübner

Ingrid Schlott

Seppi entry move


Markus Leppaenen

The finish of the boater cross... the lonely boater cross where it's better to not finish first to have the good gifts!!!!

The 5 final paddlers

At the end I finished 3rd in K1 men!!!
Seppi wan easy, Oli 4th and Markus 5th.
About the girls, Ingrid wan and Anne ended 3rd.

A super nice contest who keen me to have more time in Germany... well I don't speak german but I can learn!! ;-)

Matthias Breuel
Val Grollemund

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kanu Messe 2009 - Nürnberg, Germany

I was the last week in Nürnberg in Germany for the Kanu Messe 2009.
The Kanu Messe is an International Canoe Trade Show and Business Forum. It's the place where the company expose their new products and where the shops come to do their market.
I was there to represent sandiline and Fluid.

Some pics of these 4 days:

The sandiline stand

David Arnaud DJ for Fluid and with at the first plan the main thing who must have for the Kanu Messe... sandiline version...

Raoul Collenteur with the girls of

Jasper Polak enjoys too the girls

Oh?!! Here I'm in a charming company with Marjo!!

Celliers Kruger, the boss of Fluid who's working on some great projects... coming soon...
Many thanks to him for all the works he does!!

David Arnaud always on the DJ table... this time for the party!!

Mister Olaf Obsommer himself, currently he's not crazy like that...

Many thanks to all the staff of KanoShop, Fluid and sandiline for these good times!!
I hope to see you all next year!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Check out the new website of my brother

Here his new video about Fred Austruy filmed at RideKore bike park in Montpellier(France).
Fred is one of the best biker in France and in Europe, Gautier made his video...
Enjoy the massive tricks of the rider and the footage who's also awesome!!

Good job!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sandiline Europe promo tour - Seu de Urgell, Spain

Claudia Bär (GER)

We were this week in la Seu de Urgell for the canoe and kayak slalom World championship.
The show was so good with lot of nice runs all the week and the finals on Sunday were magic!!!

All infos and Results on

Christophe and Pierre Luquet (FRA)

Michal Martikan (SVK)

Mike Dawson (NZL)

The french C2 team

These slalom Worlds were really nice, it's really motivated to paddle!!!
Well the Adidas Sickline will be soon!! :-D

I'm right now in Slovenia at Sandiline office, we leave tomorow to the KanuMesse in Germany... Will be great!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sandiline Europe promo tour

Emily Jackson in Thun

Hello, here some news!!!

I joined Femke and Elisa from sandiline in Thun where we started our European promo tour.
After a cold week in Thun, Switzerland, where took place the freestyle worlds we're on the road to Seu de Urgell place of the slalom worlds.
After that we'll go the KanuMesse, one of the famous kayak meeting in the world, with a little detour in Slovenia to take all the Sandiline stand.
Next, I'll go back in France for a week and I'll go in Austria for the extrem kayak worlds where I compet.

Waouw this mouth will be so so so fast, no time to do nothing...

Don't worry, we also enjoyed the rivers of Swithzerland!!

Alex "Jakette" Besseau in Thun

what can I say about these freestyle Worlds?? it was huge and super huge for all, on and out of the water!!
Congratz to Simon Hirter for all this good organisation!!

We can see some of my photos of Thun on and of course on