Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kayak Session #30 - Upper Tarn river

The new issue of Kayak Session is here, in this issue you can read an article about the Upper Tarn river, France.

I've the chance to have a photo of me in the rapid "Le Gorille" on the section of the sources of the Tarn river.
Gautier, my bro, has one photo on the first page of the article.

Many thanks to Philippe Doux (KS publisher) and Raph Thiebaut (text and photo).


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Into the wild Pyrenees - France

I'm in Pau for a week at Eric's home and his flatmates to paddle the flood and steep rivers of French Pyrenees!!

Friday, I came in Pau just after school to join Eric who came back from Cape Verde where he rode the volcano Fogo in a kayak with Camille de Faucompret, she were in snowboard!!
Yeah frenchies are crazy!!

Well, we're ready for lot of pretty nice adventures and a great kayak week!!

Saturday, we were on the upper Brousset at 1700m.
It was a magic place, and the river was wonderful under this great sun!!

Val in the first rapid, the entry was under the rest if the avalanche

Eric goes big in the second rapid, and probably open the right line

Sunday, direction the Neste du Louron.
All seemed runable, but many trees blocked the last goges... :-(
Too bad, it will be for a next time!!

Well, we do the fisrt gorge!!
It's very steep, fast, pretty good... and the best thing it's a first descent!!

Eric in the waterfalls section

Val goes in the last waterfall

Monday, we take the roadfor the Gorges of Luz.
These one are flood, it will be hard inside!!
In the gorges, it's very big and we have to fight hard to be clean and safe and arrive at the take out without problem.

Fabrice "Fafa" Poueyto in the start of the second gorge.

At the game "who can fight the river?", Pierro loose!!
Pierro swam at the entry of the second gorge and achieve to catch and climb on a rock.
30 minutes after, Eric did a second descent of the second gorge to give him a safety cover, food, water, etc...

Pierro stay on the rock 3 hours, it was impossible for us to pull him out by the river, the cliff was too high but it was possible to climb it.
The last way to pull out Pierre was the air!!
The guys of the PGHM (mountain rescue) was really happy to join us for that!!
Pierro enjoy his helicopter trip and payed his round of beers!!

Tuesday, we decided to go to watch a new virgin river section.
This one was near Gavarnie

Eric in the drop

Wednesday, we came back to the Gorges of Luz.
The gorges was very flood, I have to say you it was real war on the river!!
We did it 2 times, the second one was more flood than the first!!
We did the 5km of class V of the river in 20 minutes with Eric!!

Eric try his new onboard camera system

Val, before the gorges

The warm up before the dam and the gorges

Thursday: We come back to Gavarnie to watch and maybe paddle a new river section enfluent of the Gave of Gavarnie.
There, something big is waiting for us, a 12 meters (40ft.) waterfall with some slides and drops.
Eric and I decided to paddle the waterfall...



After that, we go on the classis section of the Gave of Gavarnie with a very big water level, and we had to stop at the middle of our descent...

Friday: The water levels are too much hight in the French Pyrenees and we can't paddle there, so we had to go paddle in the Spanish side of the Pyrenees.

On the road Fafa, Eric and I enjoyed a beautiful sea of clouds and the grassland where we eat.

On the Spanish side, we find the Rio Veral with a little water level... it was a nice descent.
I came back in Pau Friday night while Eric, Fafa and Loïc took the road for the flood Rio Aragon Subordan.

Saturday: On the road to come back home, I stoped in Flip Flap (St Pé de Bigorre) where I joined Marc Girardin, Max Mitaut and others.
The Flip Flap was enormous and flood too, and we really enjoyed this great playspot!!

Max, blunt

Marc and Max did a massive Power Flip

Marco carving in his Element


Many thanks all for this pretty nice week!!
La machina del amor!! haha ;-)

Fafa Poueyto
Eric Deguil
Julien Le-naour
Nicolas Fayol
Val Grollemund

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kayak Session Video Guide - Rivers of Corsica

The teaser of the Video Guide - Rivers of Corsica.
The DVD is coming on fall 2009

Footage: Marc Gacond, Gautier Grollemund and Stefun Pion
Editing: © kayak session publishing 2009