Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Start of the season

The view on the French Pyrenees from Eric's flat

Start of the season, here we are!!
Snow melts, days are more long, the sun is more present... and we want to paddling more and more!!
I was in Pau (France south western) last week for a training camp in Eric's place to start to season.
The program is simple, 2 trainings per days and a little bit creekboating.

Eric finished it with a little freewheel, easy!!


We started the season on the Chiroulette creek, there isn't lot of water, but it was very steep for sure!!

It's always a awesome pleasure to comeback in the nature, see the forest and all the beautiful things with!!

We also clean up a little bit the forest.

Many thanks to Mat, Lolo, Thotho and Eric for this week!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Video FKT - Mat Coldebella

Check out the video of the Free Kayak Indre 2009 of Tournon Saint Martin (France), footage and editing by Mat Coldebella.
Good job buddy!!


Free Kayak Tour - Tournon Saint Martin, France

Gaél Kernin, 1st sénior, Cartwheeling

Free Kayak Tour (freestyle French cup) on the road!!
Free Kayak Indre, on March 21st and 22nd in Tournon Saint Martin, signed the opening of the Free Kayak Tour in 2009.
This year, like last year, the Free Kayak Tour is in 3 steps and allows for the ticket to the freestyle kayak World Championship in Thun, Switzerland.
These steps are Tournon St Martin, Veigné, St Pé de Bigorre (Flip Flap), Metz and Rabioux (3R).

Gautier, 2nd C1 Junior, Clean Cartwheeling

Great atmosphere, good hole, awesome show... so great freestyle kayaking!!

Stefun Pion speaker...

... and Stefun Clean Cartwheeling!!

Alex Jakette, Clean Cartwheeling in his new and beautiful boat

Nico "Fafa" Fayol, Back Loop

Nouria Newman Space Godzilla, 1st K1 Junior

Mat Coldebella, Cartwheeling

Max Renaut Power Flip, 2nd K1 Junior

Paris Match - Tao Berman


It's with great joy that I have participated in the writing of an article in Paris Match last week.
Paris Match is one of the most famous and serious magazine in France.
The article, written by Julien Negui, deals of the famous and nice pro kayaker Tao Berman.
I even entitled to a quote in the article!

Many thanks to Julien!!

Freestyle training camp - Millau, France

As every year the kayak comity of the region Midi-Pyrenees, and more particulary Ludo, organized a freestyle training camp in Millau.
The camp was on pretty nice sunny days and in a awesome atmosphere!!

The program was simple, clinics all the day and all ended with a really cool contest where everyone goes his best!!

See you next year and thank to all of you!!

Mat Coldebella in a huge Power-flip

Val, Loop

Friday, March 13, 2009

French Tour 2008 - Stefun Pion

This is the first word that I said, or even scream, when I saw this French Tour 2008.

An awesome BRAVO to Stefun Pion for this really good job, and to all the kayakers in this French Tour 2008, we spent very good moments on the water and I would like to thank you all for that!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Planète 2 roues - Team DownHill

Here, the promotional video clip of Planète 2 roues bike shop in Mende (Massif Central, France), my couzin José is also the big boss of this bike shop.

Footage and editing by my brother Gautier http://gautiergrollemund.free.fr



Slalom race - Réals, France

Finally... I'm back on the water and races after a forced shutdown... Ouuuh that's pretty good!!

And it was in Réals near to Béziers (France southern), on March 7th and 8th, I came back to the first "National 2" slalom race of the season.
Just 110 competitors were present on the hard slalom course of Réals. But it isn't a big deal, the paddling show was in Réals for sure!!

About me I'm pretty happy of my comeback, I win the first run in C1 with good paths despite too much touchs.
Same thing in second run with a good end of run, and again too much touchs.
I was 2nd... and finally 11th, judges gave me a 50 seconds penalty ...
A penalty on which I do not really agree, but it's the game...

That said, I'm pretty happy of my come back on the water!! I realize that I didn't, or just a little bit, lost my technics, and always wanted to paddling!!
However, I must work physicaly!!