Friday, October 31, 2008

New partnership - AT Adventure Technology

I realy enjoy to announce you my new partnership with AT, which is more I'm in the international "ATeam white-water"!!
AT is an American trademark manufactures paddles for freestyling, creeking, touring; input, middle and high end. You will inevitably find a paddle you need!!

I get my paddles in a few days. Jesse advised me to take the model AT2 Tao Berman series... I don't understand why...
I hope it will rain in the coming weeks that I can paddle like crazy!

Until the water levels rise, you can visit the AT website

Many thanks to Jesse! ;-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Agout river event - Brassac, France

Gautier and Val at the start

I was this weekend on the Agout River in Brassac.This river is open to paddlers just one weekend per year, this is why there's an event where 400 kayakers come.

Gautier and Val were taking a shower

Flying Val

Agout river is realy simple, but I go to this event for the atmosphere and to meet people!!There's just one dificult rapid "L'escalier de la Peyre", where many paddlers swim and make the show!!
My brother Gautier and me made the show, but the positiv show with lot of good runs and tricks in this rapid.

Patrick in "L'escalier de la Peyre"

For the first time there's a freestyle competition too. It took place at the start of the Agout river, and my friend Max Renault wan it easy!!

Max in a sweet Mc Nasty

Hope I'll come again in Brassac next year... as 5 last years!!

Grollemund brothers in action

Sweet atmosphere on Agout river

Gautier Grollemund
Nelly de Saint Ours
Patrick de Saint Ours
Philippe Renault

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slalom race - Saint Pierre de Boeuf

The slalom season has resumed this weekend for me, and it begins pretty well!
I was this weekend in the slalom regional race of Saint Pierre de Boeuf which ran 370 boats.
It is not confess that I know this white water stadium as my pocket to be working this summer ...

I conducted two runs to 0 penalty, and improving my second run of 1.5 seconds.
Many thanks to Thibault and the others of canoe kayak club of La Platière for the start music: Baywatch soundtrack !
I'm scratching at the 4th and 3rd Senior ... oops I am senior ...

Barbara, all in the eye!! ;-)

I am really pleased on water, it had to include my new boat (thank you Rico) and new rounds (new IFC regulations) are more pleasant to navigate and more spectacular!!
Maybe I'll train seriously in slalom ...
Many thanks to David and Isa, for house and openness, and Barbara ;-)!!
a good weekend nonetheless ...

Photographer: Eric Michel