Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy January...

Oh, that month looks a bit slow and easy, too much??

Well, I take some minutes to post some news about my winter adventures around Rodez, my home place in France:
A little bit of kayak, many MTB rides, some photos, lot of partys at the pub with friends, and lot of work to fill my bank account.

MTBike DH in Momèche, Marcillac valley.

Victor Salomon in Momèche, Marcillac valley.

THE new Tshirt I bought it on the web, LIKE IT!!

The lil' MTBike winter carnage... Nothing broken that time!!

Léo Chauchard who tryed kayaking for his 1st time... On January!!
Not too bad for a soccer player!!

Lil' selfportrait by night with Rodez full on lights.

Rodez by night, my home place!!

Victor Salomon on the new "whip" spot of St. Jean, Marcillac Valley

Photo shooting with Gautier my bro, in the Palanges forest.

Gautier Grollemund

A try quite conclusive of a photo with a speed of 30/100sec. with low light condition!!

Don't forget for sure the good french food my home region Aveyron, 2 "farçou" and you're ready again!!

Yep, with buddies we also some shits, like here with Arnaud.
We put tons of paper in Antoine's car for his Bday!!

We're all waiting for spring right now, I miss spring kayaking so much!!!
But we're just at the middle of the winter... Damn!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

DVD in Canoë Kayak Magazine #218

The new Canoe Kayak Magazine #218 (France) will be available on this Thursday and you'll find in it a DVD "Races 2010", with in bonus the film "Dourbie river" by Stéphane Pion in which one I am!!

Awaiting to watch it in HD on the DVD, check it out:

2011 starts well!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!!

I wish you to all of you an excellent happy new year 2011!!
All the best to you, your friends and familly, many many perfect moments, travels, and for sure BE HAPPY!!

2010 was a year a bit complicated for me with the fracture of my left collarbone with a 1st surgery at the beginning of March to fix a titanium plate on it, then a 2nd surgery at the beginning od December to pull it out.
But right now all work perfectly and I'll try to not break something else on 2011!!

Things are developing in the good way and 2011 will be for sure really interesting, we're working on some pretty cool projects... More infos soon...

Many thanks all for 2010, I'll see you soon at the top or at the bottom of a river, or around a beer!! ;-)