Sunday, August 23, 2009

DownHill in the Gorges du Tarn

I was this weekend at my grand parents home in the famous Gorges du Tarn, it's one of the best place in France and probably in Europe for the kayak touring.

It was an easy weekend the ass in the Tarn river and nothing to do all the day... well we already put our ass on a bike!!
We started early with Thibeault and Gautier from the farm of Boisset to the village of Sainte Enimie, one of the 100 most beautiful villages in France.

Here some of my photos:

Thibeault and Gautier just after the farm of Boisset

Gautier goes fast in a forester path




Gautier goes big in Sainte Enimie

Gautier enjoys the typical streets of Sainte Enimie


Gautier in Sainte Enimie by night

Gautier in Sainte Enimie by night

Gautier finds a drop in the village

it isn't for nothing Sainte Enimie is one of the 100 most beautiful villages in France

Many thanks to Thibeault and Gautier!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saint Pierre de Boeuf - summer 2009


I work in Saint Pierre de Boeuf since mid June and we enjoyed the white water course everyday!!
What's better than a course where the water flows well, where the water is warm, where we can paddle freestyle, slalom... well, the place to be!!

All the crew in the river before a party...

David in front of David's car

Paco, Nico and I on superimposed rafts

The crew...

Paco at the Bernard party!!


Val during a morning session

The Rhône Valley

David Arnaud blunt

Val Blunt

Sylvain Arnaud, again the ass in a kayak!!

David Arnaud...

David Arnaud

Mick Flacher and Val try the OC2

Val loop

Well, lot of good moments on and out the river with all the crew of the Espace Eaux Vives and the DDJS guys this summer...
It was really nice to work with you guys!!
Many thanks to David for all!!

David Arnaud
Sylvain Bridot
Edouard Grosjean
Mick Flacher
Val Grollemund

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sandiline video contest

photo: Val Grollemund

To celebrate (more than) 1000 fans @ our fanclub on facebook we decided to make a best video contest. The winner will receive a brand NEW Freeride PFD worth 180 €!


- upload the video or if this is not possible a link to the video on our facebook fanclub;
- the video has to be your own;
- somewhere, somehow, somewhat has to be connected to sandiline;
- it does not have to be profesional (as far as we are concerned can be made with a telephone), but it can be;
- other fans valuations of your video will be taken in consideration;
- inventivness & uniqueness are added value;
- do not take it too seriously (this does not mean that you shouldn t put effort in it);
- upload max 3 videos per fan;
- dead line 15th of september 2009;
- for other info feel free to ask questions at the fanclub wall!

Here is the link to our fanclub.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NIL Rhino - my new helmet!!

I just recieved my new helmet!!
It's a Rhino by NIL.

NIL is the new name of Riverstar.
They propose right now new models and new styles.

I really enjoyed my Rhino full cut, and I'm sure I'll enjoy this new one too!!
It looks so good for sure!!

NIL crew is working on lot of good things and the website is coming...

Many thanks to all the NIL crew for all the good job!!