Friday, January 29, 2010 - Video of the moment, "water" category

Great news!!! My promotional video 2009 is THE video of the moment "water" category, on the famous french website , which is the best french website for extrem, freestyle, freeride sports videos!!!!!!!

Check out my Zapiks profile: Val Grollemund

Many thanks again to David Arnaud and Gautier Grollemund for all footage and editing!!!!
Many thanks also to Nicolas Riotord for the video on!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Best 2009 web photos album

Val Grollemund, web photo album

Check my best 2009 photos!!!!

Many, many thanks to all the riders and all the photographers for all these great moments around the world!!!!
Let's do more, better and bigger in 2010!!!!

I you want some just send me a message.

Raph Thiebaut, Jens Klatt, Thilo Brunner, Pierre Mahé, Gautier Grollemund, Marc Girardin, Max Mitaut, David Arnaud, Jean Grollemund, Eric Deguil, Fabrice Poueyto, Alex Thomas Keller, Susane Spoelmink, Julien Le Naour, Matej Brecel, Mick Flasher , Edouard Grosjean, Olaf Obsommer, Laurent Devigne, Antoine Guillaume, Aniol Sarrasolses, Todd Richery, Jakub Sedivy and Steve Fisher.

Thanks to my bro Gautier to make this website and for all the rest!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Volcano Ride - free streaming

Volcano Ride from stephanie augras on Vimeo.

Ok... You wanna watch huge quality movie, a real adventure movie, produced by a real videomaker, with real athletes... all is here!!

"Volcano Ride" with Camille de Faucompret and Eric Deguil.
Footage and Editing by Stephanie Augras.

It's free to watch and free to share, so watch it and share it on your facebook, blogs and others!!!!

I don't need to say more, just watch it!!!!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

I wish to all of you an awesome New Year 2010!!!!
Just great rides with buddies, with travels and many many perfect moments!!!!!!

2009 was pretty good but 2010 sounds full of adventures and great times!!
We're organizing some pretty nice stuffs for this year... I'll let you know soon I guess.

Many thanks to all of you for 2009 and I'm quite sure we'll meet all together soon at the top or at the bottom of a river!!!! ;-)

Adrenagliss - low prices period

All is cheap on all the e-shop... oh yeah it's a low prices period on Jan. 7th till Feb. 10th 2010!!!
But at Adrenagliss, all is about quality; tested and approuved by the team all around the World!!!
Go for it and enjoy!!!!

Check out also the new Team Riders photo gallery:
Wind-surfing, skateboarding, kite-surfing, mountain biking, skydiving and for sure kayaking!!

I'm back!!!!

I'm back here in our good old Europe!!!

I came back in France on January 1st.
The travel from Pucòn to Rodez was so long: 3days...
=> 12h of bus Pucòn - Santiago, start at 20h30 on December 3Oth
=> 20 minutes of bus to arrive at the international airport of Santiago
=> 8h waiting
=> flight to Paris (New Year Ev' in it...)
=> 5h waiting
=> flight Paris - Toulouse
=> 1h30 driving
=> Home sweet home on January 1st at 20h30!!!!!!!!!

Waoow, was long...

Now, we just have to wait snow stop falling for rain and/or snow melting, then go big as we've to paddle!!!!
The 2010 projects are planing... I can say you it will be awesome!!!
Shhhhhh I didn't say nothing!! ;-)

I did a break in the Pucòn region on the way back from Futa to Santiago.
Check some photos of my last kayak day in Chile.
Here on the Turbio where we enjoyed so well with Tyler Curtis, Logan Grayling and Jakub Sedivy.
We droped the drop many times each.
That's a pretty nice waterfall closed of the parking place, niiiiiice!!!

Me in the drop.
Photo: Jakub Sedivy

Jakub Sedivy goes big.
Please check out his blog

Photo: Val Grollemund

Myself in a pretty nice freewheel!!
Photo: Jakub Sedivy