Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playboating the Drôme river!!

I was this weekend in the Drôme valley (south western Alps) to pick my FLUID Large Detox back at Paul Villecourt's home.
He took me on a familly picnic, then a sweet descent of the Drôme river with his son Evan and his brother Pierre who was on his Stand Up Paddle!!

A 1st time for me on the Drôme river but not the last for sure, I'll come back for the Open Canoe Festival!!

Achille in a kayak.


Pierre on his Stand Up Paddle.


Evan and moi


Many thanks to the Villecourt familly for their welcome, and thanks to Paul for the photos!!

New FLUID Kayak: Large Detox

Here is my new boat, the brand new Large Detox by FLUID Kayaks!!

I paddle now for FLUID Kayaks since 3 years, and I continue to enjoy all my rides with those great kayaks!!

There are some news from FLUID this year with the new Composite L Element, the BigBang, the L detox, etc.
Well, you'll find for sure the toy of your dreams!! ;-)