Friday, October 22, 2010

Stand Up Paddle - NAISH Glide 14'

That's it, the Stand Up Paddling adventure starts for me!!
I recieved last week my brand new NAISH Glide 14'.
I tryed it last wednesday on my home lake in Barraqueville, and I've to say that board in a real machine!!!
My dad Jean, took some photos at the same time.

Many thanks to the NAISH France team for their great job and their serious!!
I'll try to be part of some of the NAISH Tour 2011, just to see how I paddle on a race and have fun on the water!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

KanuMesse 2010

On October 5th to 7th I was in Nurnberg, Germany, for the Kanumesse SUPexpo, the international kayak and Stand Up Paddling trade show.
It's the place where all the new products are presented and exposed to the dealers, paddlers and all the paddling sports community.
Where all that little world make some shopping and order the new stuffs for the next year.

David editing a video clip.

At the time I gave a hand to David Arnaud, to shoot 2 videos, in french, for Canoe Kayak Magazine's wedsite.
David did all the blabla and the editing, and I did the whole footage!!
Pretty cool to be part of those 2 videos!!

"The Guidebook of Canoeing in France" by Pau Villecourt.
Available right now on the Canotier website:

Holger Schroeder, TyWarp paddles boss.

The brand new TyWarp 3.1... More news soon...

Mike Dawson was reprensented Cumec Magazine.

Wendy at the saxophone at the 1st RokXat/Fluid party.

The stand RokXat/Fluid party mode!!

Ready for the big party on wednesday eve'??
DJ: David Arnaud will be in da place!!

Looping Louis, don't need to say what this is playing for!!

DJ David Arnaud

Mariann Saether and me.
You can follow Mariann across these 2 videos realized at the KanuMesse:

Another good party with buddy Jasper Polak!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oktober Fest

After the Extrem Kayak World Championship in Oetz, Austria, David Arnaud and I drove in direction of Nurnberg, Germany, where took place the KanuMesse few days later... But... We made a break in Munich, and we had to visit some friends waiting for us at the Oktober Fest!!! ;-)

Here some photos to let you see how it goes down there!!
You must go there once in your life!!

The first one of the evening around 5.30pm.

All fine!!

Half of the tent...
There'are around 10.000 persons per tent, and there're many tents!!

The kayakers:
David Arnaud, Nich Troutman, Mariann Saether, Jared Meehan, Lukas Kalkbrenner, Jacqueline Horn, Sam Sutton, Katharina Uhl, Jakobus Stenglein, Stefi Horn and Anton Immler

11pm. end of the day at the Oktober Fest, everybody go home!!

It was a great 1st time at the Oktober Fest, AWESOME!!
If you've the opportunity to go there, just go and enjoy!!

Many thanks to Markus Leppaenen who offered us a room in his flat in Munich for the night!!!
Thanks again Markus!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Adidas Sickline - Extrem Kayak World Championship 2010

As usual the first weekend of october takes place the Extrem Kayak World Championship in Oetz in the austrian Tirol.
This year I drove with David Arnaud on wednesday afternoon.

A bit tired David

Thursday morning I did my only training on the race course.
I paddled a lot on the qualifs section and just once on the Wellerbruke, the Final race course.

Fabrice Poueyto

Eric Deguil


Mathieu Dumoulin

Me at the entry of Champion's Killer.

Thursday evening took place the registration, we signed papers, took back the bib and we paid 120euros... Ooootch...

The frenchies

Steve Fisher in front of Jared Meehan's camera.

Friday morning was the qualif day.
Warm Up mendatory for all of us and all ran once.
At the end of the 1st run, the 90 fastest go for a 2nd qualif run.
At the end of the end, the 48 fastest go to the quarter finals in the Wellerbruke section.
I ended 38th of the qualifs and got my ticket for the quarter final.

Me in Champion's Killer at the qualifs.

Eric Deguil at the qualifs.

Saturday morning, here we are for the Day of the Extrem Kayak World Championship.
Mendatory WarmUp for everybody again, it's only my 2nd run of WellerBruke this year...
As you can imagine I've to do it by the feeling!!

For the quarter final and semi final, it's a head to head system.
The 1st of the qualif Vs the 48th, the 2nd Vs the 47th, etc...

Here I go!!

Photo: Michael Neumann
Myself at the start rock ramp.
I competed against Tom from UK, I made a shit at the last drop and he was kick off the race...
Anyway I ended 31st of the World Championship, and I've to say I'm really frustrated of how I paddled during my quarter final run.
I've to manage lot of things to be a better and stronger performer next year and for sure keep that great feeling I've on the water!!

The flat section at the exit of the 1st section.

Beginning of the middle section.

Eric Deguil goes with no problem to the final and ended 7th!!

Fabrice Poueyto at the entry of Champion's Killer.

Photo: Michael Neumann
Fabrice Poueyto in Champion's Killer to ended 14th.

Live on Freecaster.

Sam Sutton 1st, Michele Ramazza 2nd and Lukas Kalkbrenner 3rd.
Congratz boys!!

And OF COURSE, we all ended that event with a great party!! Believe me!!

Thomas Tabaran
Jens Klatt and Manu Arnu for Adidas Sickline.